Can I Wear a Night Guard with a CPAP?

Can I Wear a Night Guard with a CPAP?

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If you're using a CPAP machine to treat sleep apnea, you may be wondering whether a night guard is right for you. Adding a night guard (another name for a mouth guard) seems like it would be a lot to have going on around your mouth, right? You may even have heard that a CPAP makes a night guard unnecessary or impossible to wear.

In fact, if you wear a CPAP to treat sleep apnea, then wearing a night guard to protect your teeth is an excellent idea. A night guard is a dental appliance used to protect teeth from being damaged. The CPAP mask can cause damage to your teeth over time or cause you to tense your jaw and grind your teeth. The night guard will protect them.

So, if you're using a CPAP machine to help you sleep, you may want to consider getting a night guard to protect your teeth and gums .

Let’s look at some of the ways to fit both a CPAP and a night guard into your nighttime routine.

What Exactly Is a Night Guard?

A night guard is a type of mouthpiece that you wear while you sleep. It has a similar look and function to some retainers or mouthguards that athletes might use. If you grind your teeth or clench your jaw while sleeping, then a night guard can protect your teeth from damage.

Night guards are made of plastic material and are worn over your teeth while you sleep. They help prevent damage to the teeth caused by grinding and clenching during sleep. In some cases, a night guard can also be used to treat TMJ disorders or other oral conditions.

CPAP Masks Can Work with Night Guards.

A lot of people are confused about whether they can wear a night guard with a CPAP machine. The short answer is yes, you can, but there are some things to consider. A lot depends on the type of CPAP mask you have and what kind of night guard you want to wear.

If you have an oral or hybrid CPAP mask, it will be harder to find a night guard that will work because the CPAP is entering the front of your mouth. But don’t rule it out. Often there is space for a slim fit night guard . It all depends on the exact fit of the oral mask.

On the other hand, if you have a nasal-prong or total face CPAP mask, adding a night guard can be fairly straightforward and, often, very helpful.

What If My CPAP Is Already Uncomfortable?

Some people have a hard time wearing a CPAP and worry that anything in addition to the CPAP will just be too much to handle.

The first issue to address here is the fit of the CPAP. There are a lot of mask designs for CPAP machines, and it may be worth trying a different style from the one you’re using. You could also consider a custom-built CPAP mask if that’s not what you’re already using. These are specifically made to fit your face. Talk to the doctor who recommended or prescribed you the CPAP machine to make sure you know all of your options.

Additionally, make sure you don’t have any habits that may interfere with the proper fit and function of your CPAP machine. Some people who have used nasal strips to treat snoring before they got a CPAP continue to use them with the machine. But nasal strips can interfere with the fit and seal of certain CPAP masks, causing them to leak air and feel uncomfortable.

A Chin Strap Could Be an Easy Fix.

If you are using a CPAP machine to help you sleep, you may want to consider using a chin strap. A chin strap is a simple device that attaches to your mask and keeps your mouth closed while you sleep.

A chin strap can help reduce the amount of air that leaks out of your mouth. It can also keep you from losing moisture through your mouth, which is crucial because a lot of people experience throat and mouth dryness with CPAP machines.

A chin strap will, however, ensure that your teeth are touching. So, a night guard could become particularly important for those who wear a chin strap.

teeth grinding night guard

How Can I Get a Night Guard?

Many people get fitted for a night guard at their dentist’s office. The dentist will make a mold and order a custom-made night guard to suit your mouth. However, this often costs hundreds of dollars, which can be prohibitively expensive.

As an alternative, some people turn to buying a generic night guard. These can be found for sale at many drug stores. Generic night guards, however, are usually a poor fit. They have no indentations for specific teeth. So, they slip around and often don’t offer great protection. Plus, they are often the wrong length for your teeth or jaw and prove themselves too irritating to wear. They would not be a good choice for use with a CPAP.

Is There Another Way?

There is! At , we’ve been offering an affordable custom option for over 15 years. We bring you the great custom fit usually achieved at a dentist’s office but at a fraction of the price. Our customers love our commitment to their comfort and satisfaction .

When you order with us, we’ll ship you an easy-to-use impression kit so that you can make your own impressions of your mouth. You’ll ship your impressions back to us, and we’ll build you a night guard to fit your mouth. Plus, you can choose from an array of materials and densities. We have

seven custom options

to choose from, and they’re all BPA, phthalate, and latex free. You can achieve your most comfortable fit – even with a CPAP!



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