6 Tips To Keep Your Dog From Eating Your Teeth Night Guard

6 Tips To Keep Your Dog From Eating Your Teeth Night Guard

Dani Schenone, holistic wellness expert Dani Schenone, holistic wellness expert
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Our pets are our best friends. We do everything with them–we walk together, cook together, watch movies together–they are our shadows that we love to love! While they can add so much joy to our lives, they can also cause quite a bit of chaos. We’ve all had a pet pup who has chewed a shoe (or four!) before, or one who has gnawed on our favorite pair of eyeglasses, and now your teeth night guard!

Some say it’s to relieve their gums from the teething stage; some say it combats boredom. Some even say it’s because they are seeking out their owner’s scent. No matter how or why, it can cause distress in even the calmest owner.

Truthfully, nothing is safe from the slobbery grasp of our pets–not even your teeth grinding mouth guard. We care about the health of your mouth, and that’s why we have this easy-to-implement list of tips to keep your dog from eating your teeth grinding mouth guard.

Keep your teeth night guard out of paws’ reach

Got a short dog? Well, this one will be easy. Keep your mouth guard out of paws’ reach by putting it in the same spot in your bathroom whenever you aren’t using it. Forming this routine not only adds order to your life, but it eliminates the risk of your pup getting to it from the bedside table.

Blessed with a tall dog? This one might be a bit trickier. Nothing (save a bit of training, see below!) will keep your pup from sniffing out the bathroom counter, so keep your teeth night guard in a cupboard or drawer. That should do it!

Build obedience with training

Training is a great way to build a better relationship with your dog, and it makes your life easier. A trained dog means a happy life, and you’ll save your teeth grinding mouth guard in the process.

Teaching your pup tricks like how to sit, lie down, and stay builds his confidence in you, and it builds your confidence in him. These tricks come in great handy whenever you forget to put your mouth guard away. You’re just one command away from saving your guard–and your teeth.

Make sure they have plenty of toys from which to choose

It’s time to go shopping! Toy shopping, that is. Keep your pup entertained with new and exciting toys for him to chew. The types are limitless, and you don’t have to break the bank. Pro tip: be sure to switch out the toys so they don’t get bored.

This goes together with having a robust box of toys, but it’s also very important to maintain an active schedule. Whether they are short or tall–big or small–dogs need adequate walks and stimulation, so they don’t resort to bad behavior.

Address any mouth concerns your pet may have

Excessive chewing in your pup could be the result of a medical issue. Things like teething, gingivitis, and other common mouth issues can be easily remedied by a quick trip to the veterinarian. Plus, you work so hard on your mouth health–it’s important to do the same for your pet!

Did you read this a little too late?

Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Not only is the process of purchasing and receiving one of our teeth night guards so easy, we have a lifetime guarantee. Snag yours today.

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