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How It Works

Taking your teeth impression is simple!

We have designed the teeth impression process to be done in the comfort of your own home. With easy to follow instructions it will only take about 5 minutes to take your teeth impression and it is ready to be mailed off to our lab!

Watch this short video on taking a teeth impression:

The Impression Process

Instructions for taking teeth impression:

STEP 1:   You will find in your kit 1 set of impression putty (1 blue and 1 white) along with 2 impression trays: 1 large and 1 small tray for taking a teeth impression.   Please select correct tray size.  Only one teeth impression will be taken.  After locating the trays and selecting the appropriate size, take the putty out of each container and begin to quickly and efficiently mix the blue and white impression putty together.  Your mixing time should not extend beyond 45 seconds.  The best and recommended mixing action is the bend / fold and knead method.  Have a timer available as the material will begin to harden if mixed for more than 1 minute.

STEP 2:​  When the two putties have formed a uniform, blue color (no white should be showing), form the putty into the shape of a
log and place into your impression tray (only place around the edge of tray and not in the middle).

STEP 3:  Now that the tray is loaded, place the tray fully inside your mouth without touching teeth. Then center the tray and push
over your teeth with equal force on each side. For an upper teeth impression use your thumbs on the bottom side of the tray to push up with equal force. Use index fingers on the bottom of the tray to push straight down if taking a lower teeth impression. Make sure you capture a deep teeth impression past your gumline.  CRITICAL:  The tray will need to be held stable for 3 minutes, without even the slightest movement until the putty has set and feels firm to the touch.

STEP 4:  Once the putty has set, remove the impression tray from your mouth by using a firm, vertical releasing pull. Rinse the tray under cold water to ensure the set. Do not remove the impression from the tray.


Four Step Process