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About is a division of Sparkling White Smiles Dental Lab. We offer precise fitting and highest quality custom made dental guards. Our custom night guards reduce the discomfort and protect against the harmful effects caused by teeth grinding and clenching, also known as bruxism. We have been specializing in custom made teeth night guards for over 13 years. Our dental technicians are highly trained to ensure the best quality custom night guard. Unlike competitors, offers custom made night guards, to fit perfectly. Additionally, gives customers the option of selecting between several different night guards, based on the severity of teeth grinding and or clenching.

We are dedicated to advancing the quality of custom made dental teeth guards by using the highest quality FDA approved materials and advanced laboratory techniques. Each night guard is made by a highly skilled dental technician to ensure the quality of the guard and a perfect comfortable custom fit.

We have designed the teeth impression process to be done simply in the comfort of your own home. With easy to follow instructions it should only take about 5 minutes and then let our highly trained staff take it from there. also provides custom dental night guards for professional accounts including; dentists, oral surgeons, neurologists, pain management medical doctors, ENT physicians, physical therapists and chiropractors. Please inquire through “contact us” about setting up an account for your office.

We stand behind our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and look forward to you becoming our next satisfied customer!

What is Bruxism?

ToothacheBruxism (teeth grinding) is the involuntary grinding or clenching of the teeth. It is a subconscious behavior done primarily while one sleeps. Bruxism can generate tremendous force on the teeth causing broken teeth, loosening of fillings and potential loss of tooth enamel. It can cause teeth to become very sensitive to hot and cold foods and liquids. Additional signs of grinding and clenching include sore facial muscles, morning headaches and neck and ear pain. provides custom night guards which cushion between the upper and lower teeth to protect from the effects of bruxism.